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The best phone apps for planning any trip!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Easy free apps to make planning carefree and affordable

Planning a trip can be stressful, but what if there were ways in making it easier while also saving you some money.

Here are a few apps I use religiously while planning my trips:


Flying from Toronto to Cairo or Munich to Copenhagen, HOPPER is the app that can help you book the cheapest flights.

This app allows you to view the cheapest days to fly in and out of your desired destination. Hopper sends out notifications to your phone for when it is the best time to book your flight. This app has literally been a lifesaver...



Planning to hop from one european city to the other. Rome2rio helps you organize destination A to B by showing you the best modes of transportation, cost and time of travel.

This app can assist you when you are unsure in what city you are to go next. I use this app when I want to see what is the cheapest and quickest mode of transportation to my next destination. I found this app to be very useful in planning my europe trips. Rome2rio helped me decide from bus, train or plane.

If it is time that you value most when planning a trip, Rome2rio can show you what mode of transportation that can save you the most time off your commute. From time, money or personal preference, Rome2rio can help you organize your trip planning.

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