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What it was like travelling with Contiki!

Updated: May 20, 2020

A great way to travel for first time travellers. Have Contiki help you create the trip you are looking for.

Venice, Italy

Myself and eight of my friends wanted to plan a Europe trip. We were in our third year of university and was completely busy with our exams. However, we all decided to do a tour that consisted in all of our points-of-interest and allowed us to do it within our timeline. Contiki was the tour host we choose and it was completely carefree and filled with 'no regrets'.

How to pick the tour for you?

Contiki gives you the freedom to filter their tours to the best picks for you. We picked Europe, 2-4 weeks, $1,000-$3,000 and Iconic Essentials.

The following are the three travel styles offered on Contiki that depend on travel pace, accommodation and the length of stay.

(Contiki's description on each travel style)

Iconic Essentials: "Fast, furious and eternally fabulous, Iconic Essentials trips will see you moonwalking across your favourite destinations in a whirlwind of bright lights, epic sights and parties to get your toes a-tapping."

Discoverer: "Want to see and do as much as is humanely possible when you travel? Want to visit multiple destinations, tick off every box imaginable and still have free time left over to do your own thing? Come join the Discoverer club."

In-Depth Explorer: "Classify yourself as a full time foodie/culturally curious wanderer/lover of everything foreign and wonderful? We call that In-Depth Explorer. Spend less time travelling and more time unearthing every last little secret about a destination."

To summarize if you want to move fast and cover all your bucket list destinations in a shorter time span, while also having an epic nightlife, then Iconic Essentials is for you.

If you want to have more free time and immerse yourself in multiple destinations, then Discoverer is for you.

Explore more of a few destinations and become part of the culture and live like a local, then In-Depth Explorer is for you.

Once you have picked the perfect tour, a package will be mailed to you. This package will contain all your essential necessities before leaving. These essentials will include:

  • What to pack;

  • What to budget for excursions;

  • Names and contact information of your accommodations;

  • Your date of departure and arrival between your different destinations

This package is filled with fun and important facts like, currency needed, sightseeing hotspots, shopping locations, and the best places to stop and grab a bite. You will get a copy of the accommodation list for family and friends, along with a list of optional activities and in-depth itinerary outlining your day-to-day included activities.

Contiki was a great choice for my first large trip. It allowed me to meet new people, while also educating me on the different cultures. I would recommend Contiki for those first time travellers to ease the planning and worry. I made some of my unforgettable memories on my Contiki trip with old and new friends.

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